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Java, Python & Node.js developers already enjoy 100% code-level observability with Lightrun -- with zero impact on production. 

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Seamless integrations: we support your stack

Lightrun integrates with your tools, out of the box. We build the product from the ground up to play nicely with existing developer tooling - including popular messaging apps like Slack and cutting-edge observability tooling like the ELK stack.  

Debug in production and staging environments

You'll also enjoy the ability to add logs and performance metrics in real-time to production and staging environments. Yes, this means you save time, increase productivity, reduce downtime and boost site reliability with Lightrun.

“Lightrun has been a game-changer for us” - Rami Stern, R&D infrastructure team leader @ Taboola:

Lightrun was recently named as a finalist in the DevOps Dozen Best Observability Solution Award.

Companies trusting Lightrun in production


“Using Lightrun to debug an actual issue in production enabled us to react instantly. We were able to add the right logs and identify the root-cause in a real-time session, instead of waiting for redeployments.”

Tom Shapira, Director of Software Engineering at WhiteSource

“Using Lightrun, we were able to dive deep into production issues instantly, with a single action. By reducing the number of steps in the debugging process, Lightrun helped us reduce our MTTR by 50%-60%. Lightrun is definitely an ideal addition to every company’s toolbox, and is especially helpful in investigating hard-to-replicate production issues.”

Boris Shmerlin, Director of Advertising R&D at

“Lightrun has been a game-changer for us. With Lightrun we shortened our development process significantly by skipping iterative deployment cycles when adding logs and metrics. A day’s work turned into just one hour. Lightrun provided us with new observability into our production environment that was not accessible to us beforehand. Lightrun is a key component in our developer toolset here at Taboola and one of our development best practices.”

Rami Stern, R&D Infrastructure Team Leader at Taboola