Join us as we take a deep dive into the world of Observability for developers and explore: 

✓ Why debugging in production Is not a problem, but rather the solution 
✓ Tips & Tricks for reducing incident MTTR (Mean Time To Resolve)
✓ How progressive delivery can connect developers to their live applications
✓ What a shift-left future looks like for the modern R&D teams
✓ And So Much More!

Watch the Recording:


Date: Available on-demand

Duration: 1 Hour

Host:  Tom Granot, Lightrun

Presenter Information


Kief Morris
Lead of ​Global Cloud Engineering Practice, Thoughtworks


James Governor
Analyst & Co-Founder, Redmonk


Barry O'Reilly
Entrepreneur, Business Advisor and Author of "Lean Enterprise"

Baruch Sadogursky-1

Baruch Sadogursky
Dev & DevOps Advocate, JFrog

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