Developer Productivity Masterclass - Watch The Recording

Engineering leaders from Meta, Netflix, and HashiCorp reveal their best kept secrets

Lightruns Developer Productivity Panel - LP- Hero logos

Watch as engineering leaders from Netflix, Meta (Facebook), HashiCorp and Lightrun dive deep into:

✓ How to know which productivity KPIs are right for your team, and how to measure them
✓ How to identify and troubleshoot developer productivity problem areas
✓ How to reduce friction when working cross-functionally with other teams - DevOps, SREs, etc...
✓ What are the most valuable developer productivity boosters the panelists implemented at their respective companies 
✓ And So Much More!

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Date: Available on-demand

Duration: 1 Hour

Host:  Tom Granot, Lightrun

Presenter Information

Lightrun- Mykyta Protsenko

Mykyta Protsenko
Senior Software Engineer, Netflix

Lightrun- Michael Wood

Michael Wood
Field CTO, HashiCorp

Lightrun- Ryan Menezez

Ryan Menezez
Software Engineering Manager, Meta

Lightrun- Leonid Blouvshtein

Leonid Blouvshtein
CTO, Lightrun

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