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Join engineering leaders from Google, Meta (Facebook), Shopify and JetBrains dive deep into: 

✓ Getting a Developer Productivity movement started in-house
✓ Separating yak-shaving from actual meta-work on a process
✓ Reducing friction when working cross-functionally with other teams - DevOps, SREs, etc...
✓ What is the single most meaningful technological advancement that will impact developer productivity in the near future
✓ And So Much More!

Watch the Masterclass:


Date: On-Demand

Duration: 1 Hour

Host:  Tom Granot, Lightrun

Presenter Information

Group 1618

Ryan Menezes
Software Engineering Manager


Mask group

Harish Jayakumar
Director, Global Application Modernization Solutions

Mask group-1

Mark Côté
Senior Manager, Developer Infrastructure


Mask group-2

Anton Arhipov
Developer Advocate


Group 22 Copy

Tom Granot
Director of Developer Relations

Lightrun is the world's first IDE-native Observability Platform enabling engineering teams to continuously identify and tackle critical issues in production without hot-fixes, redeployments, or restarts by securely adding logs, metrics, and traces to production, staging, and development environments in real-time and on-demand.

Developers can easily troubleshoot applications in production / pre-prod, validate progressive delivery, explore user code flows, debug 3rd party code, and more.

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